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Sell Industrial Pumps from PT. Hana Kreasi Utama in Jakarta. Pumps are tools used to charge liquids from other places. The increase is intended to overcome the obstacles to drainage. The drainage barriers can be functions, altitudes or obstacles.
In principle, the pump converts the motor's mechanical energy into fluid flow energy.
The energy released by the fluid will be used to repair and overcome the obstacles that exist in the channel being traversed.

Pumps have two main uses:
1. Move fluid from one place to another (eg air from underground aquifer to air storage tank)
2. Circulates the liquid around the system (eg cooling water or lubricant passing through machines and equipment)

The pump can also process processes that require large hydraulics. This can be found, among others, on heavy equipment. In operation, heavy equipment machines require large and low suction discharge. At the same time, the pump will fluid will rise from a certain depth, while high pressure on the discharge side will affect the fluid to rise up to the desired height.

The pump can be used into 2 parts: positive work pump (positive displacement pump) and dynamic work pump (non positive displacement pump)


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